Our mission is...

To improve opportunities for anyone who is, or believes they are, excluded from work, social inclusion, and community worth.  We work to help our clients to be active and valued community members and better placed to access social interactions and work.  We will achieve this through the provision of social and pre-work learning, cultural awareness initiatives, community valued activities, and the promotion of equality for all agendas.

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    Steps Training Lone Working/ Personal Safety Course is being run at Siawns Teg on 30th of November. us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=452e5644782… to book now

    9th November @ 09:29
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    Tony @SiawnsTeg just delivered a dementia friends awareness session to staff at Vryrnwy Nursing Home. Doing it for @dementiafriendlynewtown

    25th October @ 20:20

Siawns Teg is supporting the Newtown community by providing the use of the

Open Hub for local initiatives.

These may include small groups needing a place to meet or carry out activities. We are building up a resource of local services, tourist attractions and other useful information requested by our community.

Siawns Teg has over 10 years experience in setting up and delivering projects that match our aims of supporting people to be part of their community.  We have strong working relationships with local partners at educational and community levels, and with over 30 European partners where we share good practice, innovation and experience.

Siawns Teg is a well-established charity that works to give people a fair chance to join in with learning, work and social interaction. We work with individuals at their speed to get them to where they want to be.

Siawns Teg has a ten year record of working on national and European projects relating to inclusion, engagement, community development, informal and non-formal learning skills, formal employability training, social enterprise and business start-up, and educational processes.


We have a successful record and are acclaimed as good European project managers and partners, and now we aim to bring that experience to Powys.


We are continuously looking for EU projects that fit our agenda, and often these projects require local partners to help draw out knowledge and provide practical project support. 

The Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) is a key mechanism for the third sector to talk to, and hear from, Welsh Government.


The TPSC is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children. It is made up of representatives of third sector networks working across 25 areas of third sector activity along with the CEO of WCVA.


The main purpose of the Third Sector Partnership Council is to make sure that the principles set out in the Third Sector Scheme are put into practice